The brainloop facility has been designed for students of classes X, XI & XII (CBSE) to help them excel in their academic performance.
Our skillfully developed Lunar Methodology with carefully curated stages of learning ensures the best possible studying process. We ensure that 100% learning happens within the facility.
We are here to reinvent tuition classes!



With extensive research and reference, we have developed a concise and exclusive integrated learning and monitoring program for classes 10, 11 &12th(CBSE). Our comprehensive and effective learning approach under the guidance of teachers and mentors, who have mastered cultivating ultra-peak performance, will make the students proficient in self-learning.

Learn the Lunar way


DID is a platform to track students regarding their Academic performance, Health & psychology. This information is accessible to parents. We will secure these data with the help of mentors, proficient teachers, psychologists, doctors, and nutritionists.


Here parents can access information regarding
1. Learning style

2. Subject ability

3. Subject progression

4. Academic performance

5. Teachers feedback


We strongly believe that cognition and health are interconnected, so we make sure that our students are healthy to achieve peak performance. Here we give out information regarding our students health.


Brainloop aims to go beyond academics to make parents and students themselves to know to they really are.

Here we give out information regarding

1. Learning style

2. EQ

3. Memory graph

4. Career path

5. Personality test


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    COVID-19 Update

    Brainloop is now offering all virtual tutoring and counseling sessions, in compliance with COVID-19 social distancing recommendations. Reach out to inquire about our virtual services